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Plant & Flower Bulb Delivery

Bulbs are the gift that keeps on growing! From daffodils to tulips, each bulb variety creates a garden of smiles for your favorite green thumb, plant lover or anyone in need of an instant pick-me-up. Bulb delivery arrives ready to bloom in reusable containers, our bulb plants provide lasting beauty whether displayed indoors or replanted in the garden.

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Flower Bulb Delivery from 1800Flowers

Whether you send flower bulbs to a friend, loved one or yourself, they are sure to bring a smile. We offer a variety of flower bulbs that you can plant right at home. We have a little something for everyone from hyacinths, irises, daffodils to tulips. All bulbs come rooted, sprouted and ready to grow. Once the blooms expire, you can store the bulbs and plant them outside next year. Spring bulbs are a gift that keep on giving!

How to Replant your Bulb Flowers

If you received the perfect bulbs and want to move them from their current pot to an outside location to enjoy for months and years to come, here’s how:
-If the flowers are still in bloom, wait for them to expire before planting outside. Ensure you have fresh soil to transplant the remaining bulbs into.
-Dig a hole with the right depth and width to hold the roots, typically 7 inches deep is just the right amount.
-Gently take the bulbs out of the pot and place into the hole. Be careful when pulling the plant out of the pot because it could rip part of the roots.
-Once the bulbs are in the ground, cover them with soil and water them thoroughly.
-Your bulbs are ready to go and will soon grow to be beautiful flowers in the coming months!

Flower Bulb Care

Game bài đổi thưởng iOS 2019Once you receive your flower bulbs in the mail, you should place them in a well-lit location and water them. The bulbs should be left in an area that is room temperature (40-60 degrees is ideal). Within a couple days the bulb shoots will change to green and your flowers will begin growing. Continue to water them each day, but be sure to not oversaturate them. As flowers fade, remove them. Keeping bulbs inside depletes their energy, which could cause them to not bloom the following year, or to be very small when they do. To ensure you'll have beautiful flowers again next year, save the bulbs and plant them outside in a sunny area once the danger of frost has passed.

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